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The Back Story

Mar 29, 2022

This episode focuses on runner's knee and how Dr. Singh has identified and treated it in his patients. Dr. Singh also shares his recent experience with runner's knee during marathon training. We cover:

(1:33) why runner's knee is a misnomer, (1:53) what runner's knee is, (2:58) a higher occurrence in women, (3:16)...

Mar 22, 2022

We discuss red wine and its potential health benefits, with a spotlight on the phenol resveratrol. We cover:

(1:30) resveratrol and how it helps your body (3:42) how resveratrol works, (5:15) resveratrol and lowering your blood pressure, and (7:13) resveratrol and weight loss. 

Mar 15, 2022

What type of mattress is best for optimizing sleep and helping with back pain? We tackle those questions as well as covering:

(1:10) the optimal amount of sleep, (2:48) what is the best mattress type for back pain, (4:28) medium firm mattresses, (6:29) determining if your mattress needs to be replaced, and (9:26)...

Mar 8, 2022

The final episode in our three-part series covering the science of six-pack abs is all about the core and how to keep your core strong. We cover:
(2:58) situps and crunches and burning calories, (4:43) muscles of your back and target exercises, and (8:22) the power of planks, (10:25) the three...

Mar 1, 2022

We continue our mini-series on the science behind having six-pack abs with our second installment, centered on exercise. We cover:

(1:10) jogging has only recently become mainstream, (4:25) high-intensity interval training, (6:33) high-intensity vs. low/moderate-intensity cardio, and (10:27) HIT and metabolic rate.