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The Back Story

Dec 14, 2020

We welcome Dr. Neel Mehta, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Director of Pain Management at Weill Cornell Medicine, as well as Co-Director of the Weill Cornell Center for Comprehensive Spine Care. Dr. Mehta specializes in interventional pain management with a focus on minimally invasive therapies and this episode focuses on how spinal cord stimulation is used as a method of pain management. 

We cover: (3:03) how spinal cord stimulators work and how to determine if you're a good candidate, (10:20) how this can help those with gastrointestinal motility and gastroparesis or the sensation that food is stuck in your esophagus, (12:18) how it could be helpful for those with diabetes, (14:45) the functional improvements spinal cord stimulation can provide, improving quality life, as well as the limitations of the treatment, and (18:00) why the treatment is an alternative to opioid use.

Learn more about Dr. Mehta here: